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We welcome you to JohnnyBoy Hydrographics, your Northeast provider of high quality water transfer printed products. Our goal is to ensure quality and consistency. If you are looking to refurbish an old gun stock or customize your new gun stock, Give JohnnyBoy Hydrographics a call or drop us an email... If you have an old scratched gun stock, let us give it a new feeling. We can make it happen for you.... We deal with World Re -Noun Taxidermists, Gun Shops and Custom Gun Builders. We specialize in

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European Skull Mounts, Synthetic European Skull Mounts and then of course the real deal. Take those Trophy White Tail Antlers you couldn't afford to have done in a full Taxidermist Head Mount and make them look spectacular with a beautiful hrdrographically designed camouflage Synthetic European Mount in a print of your choice. You have the ability to make the ordinary, extraordinary. Don't get stuck in the Cabela's synthetic euro mount rut with only one choice, if you are a true Hunter, you will be looking to show case more then one White Tail Trophy Buck on your wall. We are truly an affordable alternative to traditional taxidermy. If you are beetle cleaning or you boil your European Skull or use one of our exceptional Synthetic Euro Mounts, you can customize it your way with one of our Camouflage film patterns. We have over 80 patterns to choose from and new ones are arriving all the time...Just click on our Carousel above and explore the world through our camo water transfer patterns.

Just call Johnny Boy Camo!

Take a walk on the wild side and camouflage something you love....From Guns stocks, European Skull Mounts, Hard hats, Bike helmets, 4-wheeler parts, Motorcycle parts, Picture frames and just about anything you can think of. If it fits in our specialized, customized hydrographic water transfer dipping tanks then we can camouflage it for you......If it's wood, plastic, fiberglass, metal or ceramic and can be submerged in water.. . We can make it happen...Bring the outdoors to life inside your home or cabin and decorate with camouflage, Let us camouflage for you! We are Certified, Don't Settle for Anything Less!


We are Certified - Don't settle for anything less!